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  • Top Unique and Unusual Foods in Mekong Delta
    • Thu, 12/01/2017
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    Top Unique and Unusual Foods in Mekong Delta

    Feel fed up with complicated, fussy and grease dishes? So, why don’t you take a cruise trip along the Mekong River to discover many different dishes which are simple but quite exotic! It is interesting to know that the cuisine of the Mekong Delta reflects characteristics of locals here. It is believed that food in the watery region must meet three basic qualities: attractive, delicious, and good for health. When cooking, the locals often consider the foods that are good for health as top prior ...

  • The specialty dishes in Mekong Delta
    • Thu, 12/01/2017
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    The specialty dishes in Mekong Delta

    When most of the cities in Vietnam tend to be hooked into the widely global supply chain, their culinary flavors are also becoming more homogenous. From hamburgers and pizzas to shopping in large supermarkets, diets of citizens have been gradually moving in line with the rest of the world. However, this trend has no impact on the Mekong Delta where people here still rely on local sources and make food on their own.   While wandering around one local market in the delta, you can find it ea ...


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