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  • Wed, 25/06/2014
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SaPa, along with Ha Long Bay and Hoi An Ancient town, is now firmly the most attractive destinations for tourists when they visit the north of Vietnam. In 1922, the French has first established Sapa as a hill station to use for the war. Although Sapa and the local there went through a lot in the past, it has become a wonderful place in Vietnam with many outstanding sceneries and unique cultures. In each kind of weather conditions, Sapa has different beauties, but tourists have to choose the right time to witness the most spectacular scenes in Sapa, especially on clear sunny days.

In Sapa, as well as in other places of Vietnam, the hotels often require you to submit your passport upon checking in. Many travelers feel unsafe and uncomfortable to give away their important documents. However, a copy of your passport is accepted in some hotels, but if they refuse the copy, you should try to convince them that your real passport was left in Hanoi to extend the visa due.

Sapa offers budget travelers with many great deals for accommodation. Most of the hotels in Sapa is very affordable, but they provide a relatively good services and accommodations for a great access to the spectacular landscapes of Sapa. To help you easily find good deals, we hand-picked some of the best places to stay in Sapa.

  • Ly Tam May Quang’s Homestay - Address: Hill 1, Ta Phin Village, Sapa, Vietnam
The hotel is located in Ta Phin Village, which is 15km away from the main town. Despite not being near the town, Ta Phin Village is an interesting place to explore. Besides that, the owner can speak English and French. They can offer good meals and services with the price under 5$ per day.
  • Hoang Ha Sapa Hotel - Address: Thac Bac Street, Sapa,Vietnam
The hotel is located conveniently in the town central, where you can overlook from the Muong Hoa Valley. There are balconies in each room, allowing you to enjoy the landscape. They also provide travelers with standard facilities such as fireplace, cable TV, free internet access. Moreover, there are buses to pick you up to the hotel.  
  • Green Bamboo Sapa - Address: Sapa,Vietnam
Located near the entrance to the town, the hotel offer cheap prices with good services and accommodation. From the hotel’s balconies, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Fan Xi Pan Mountain. Price for one room is around 10$ per day.  
  • Little Sapa - Address: Sapa,Vietnam
It is basically a restaurant, but also offers hotel services, especially for long-stay travelers. The cost for 1 month stay is around 50$ with standard facilities like cable TV, hot water.  
  • Lotus Hotel - Address: Sapa,Vietnam
The hotel features nice rooms, nice view, great services and standard facilities such as cable TV, hot water, fireplace. The price is around 5$.
  • Pumpkin Hotel - Address: 42 Cau May Streeet, Sapa, Vietnam
The staff is friendly and helpful. The rooms are spacious with desks and computers. There’re also good facilities. Price is around 15$.
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