Hue City

  • Top 6 Pagodas in Hue City
    • Mon, 24/04/2017
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    Top 6 Pagodas in Hue City

    Hue, for hundreds of years, is known as the Buddhist city of Vietnam. Not only does the mainland attract the eyes of tourists through historical in-depth and attractive destinations but it also possesses the ancient and spiritual features of a vast number of pagodas here. Even though the size of those Hue Pagodas is not quite vast, the history, as well as spiritual culture, displays the unique features of the monuments and historical buildings here. Cannot wait anymore! Let’s follow Vietnam to ...

  • 7 Most Famous Tombs You Should Visit When Coming To Hue
    • Sat, 22/04/2017
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    7 Most Famous Tombs You Should Visit When Coming To Hue

    Nguyen Dynasty had 13 emperors. However, due to some reasons about economy and politics, there are only 7 monuments constructed.  Today, all of them still maintain its unique architectural structure. Former people constructed most monuments in Hue City when the emperor was still reigning. Therefore, they are not the gloomy places. They keep the romantic landscapes with delicate and natural patterns and textures. The tombs are definitely a great place to visit among things to do in Hue. T ...

  • Hue Imperial City in Vietnam
    • Wed, 19/04/2017
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    Hue Imperial City in Vietnam

    Located in the north of Huong River, Hue Imperial City is not only the most important headquarters of Vietnamese in Nguyen Dynasty, but it is also a famous tourist attraction today. In 1993, UNESCO recognized Hue Imperial City as the World Heritage Site. The Architectural Structure of Hue Imperial City Situated on the north shoreline of romantic and attractive Huong River, the total land area is around 500 ha. This place includes two main parts, the Citadel City and Forbidden City. This is a ...

  • Special Foods You Can’t Miss When Visiting Hue
    • Tue, 11/04/2017
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    Special Foods You Can’t Miss When Visiting Hue

    Hue always attracts numerous tourists due to its peaceful and ancient beauty of this imperial city. Visiting Hue, you can see it as the land of tombs, temples which contains a special and unique cuisine. This article shows some special dishes you should not miss when traveling to Hue.    1. Hue Mussel Rice The best mussel rice is only found in Hue. Although locals consider that mussel rice is a simple dish in the countryside, it still contains a lot of ingredients and special flavor ...

  • Top 4 Destinations in The Suburbs of Hue City
    • Thu, 09/03/2017
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    Top 4 Destinations in The Suburbs of Hue City

    Except for the famous places of interest in the center of Hue city, there are a big number of appealing destinations in the suburbs. Let’s spare time to take a cursory glance at the beauty of Hue city. 1. Lang Co Beach - one of the world’s most stunning beaches Lang Co Bay is located in Lang Co Town, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue Province, at the 30km to the south of Da Nang City and at the 70km to the north of Hue City. Due to propitious situation, not only do tourists have the chanc ...

  • Top things to do in Hue City | Hue Top Attractions
    • Wed, 01/03/2017
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    Top things to do in Hue City | Hue Top Attractions

    Hue, one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam, is famous for a vast number of historical places. When you pay a visit Hue, you will be immersed yourself in the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere as well as the picturesque place. Below are the high recommendations when you make up your mind to spare time in Hue.   How to get to Hue city Plane: There are lots of daily flights from Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi to Hue City such as Vietnam Airlines, VietjetAir, Jetstar with the pri ...


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