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  • Tips for traveling to Vietnam
    • Tue, 09/05/2017
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    Tips for traveling to Vietnam

    A careful preparation before traveling to such a beautiful country as Vietnam is indispensable. Here is the list of 12 important things that you should know before paying a visit to this country. Just keep in mind those useful tips and you will have the best enjoyment for your trip to Vietnam. Book an accommodation for the first night you travel to the country You may suffer from the culture shock when arriving in Ho Chi Minh City or Ha Noi, especially, if you have not traveled to the Asia ...

  • Top things to do in Can Tho City | Can Tho Top Attractions
    • Fri, 24/02/2017
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    Top things to do in Can Tho City | Can Tho Top Attractions

    Set in the Mekong Delta, Can Tho is luckily endowed with favorable conditions, such as tropical climate, fertile soil, and a large system of canals and rivers. With the population of over 1.2 million and a total area of about 1,400 square kilometers, it is considered the 5th biggest city in Vietnam. If Hanoi capital lures visitors by its traditional beauty, Ho Chi Minh City wins tourists’ heart by its lively and chaotic nightlife, Can Tho surely leaves a strong impression on any traveler by it ...

  • Vietnam travel guide for backpackers
    • Fri, 10/02/2017
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    Vietnam travel guide for backpackers

    We all had read about bad things in Vietnam that we could be stolen in the hotels and the people are very cold, ... I had just visited Vietnam last year, and after all, it doesn't disappoint me. If you are a tourist, you will find this place a paradise ... I started with a visit in Phu Quoc, although it is not cheap, super friendly people, nice beaches, and good cuisine would make up to the cost. Undoubtedly, Vietnam is a country that suffered a lot after the war in the past. And the memory of ...

  • Mekong Delta Homestay in Ben Tre
    • Tue, 07/02/2017
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    Mekong Delta Homestay in Ben Tre

    Trying the homestay in the Mekong Delta is properly memorable and enjoyable. You may have the chances to share hardship and joys with your local hosts. In Mekong Delta region, the homestays as well as what are so called the homestays are still mushrooming, especially in Vinh Long, Ben Tre, and Can Tho. Some of them may be very spacious, beautifully built in traditional style of Vietnam while others may be very basic, and built on the wooden stilts.     A big advantage of the Mekon ...

  • ​Top-ranked traditional Handicraft Villages in Mekong Delta
    • Thu, 02/02/2017
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    ​Top-ranked traditional Handicraft Villages in Mekong Delta

    Mekong Delta is noted as the largest rice basket in Vietnam where the images of rice paddies as well as lush orchards of bananas, coconuts, mangos, pineapples, and oranges can leave you spellbound at first sight. Taking a boat trip to the heart of Mekong Delta brings you a good chance to gain the clear sights and sounds of this area. Along with getting homestay experience and mingling with the rustic lives of indigenous locals here, there is no reason to overlook several famous traditional handi ...

  • Explore Mekong Delta in flooding season
    • Mon, 23/01/2017
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    Explore Mekong Delta in flooding season

    Even though in this year, flooding season is much later than previous years, it still remains an essential livelihood source for the locals in Mekong Delta. This flooding season also marks the beginning of a tourist season of this region. We offer “Explore Mekong Delta in flooding season” tour, departures on every Saturdays. With our tour, you will have the chance to visit the natural landscapes as the national park of Tram Chim, Tra Su cajuput forest, as well as a lot of specialties only f ...

  • What to pack for a great family picnic?
    • Thu, 19/01/2017
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    What to pack for a great family picnic?

    Who does not prefer to enjoy a picnic? It is an ideal way to make fun and unforgettable memories with your beloved family or friends. Instead of sleeping or surfing Facebook at the weekend, you can arrange an outdoor picnic and get your loved ones included. At that time, there is nothing greater than sitting on a blanket, nibbling on a sandwich, and drinking a glass of wine. All puts you in a peaceful and comfortable vacation getaway. Feel unsure of what to pack for a wonderful family picnic? Sp ...

  • Top 5 places to visit in Vietnam you should not ignore
    • Wed, 28/12/2016
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    Top 5 places to visit in Vietnam you should not ignore

    Vietnam has become one of the must-see attractions for many tourists around the world since it gets its name famous as a land of stunning sights and exotic tastes. Throughout this S-shaped country, each region does leave a strong impression on your mind. Along with pristine and charming beaches, picturesque natural landscapes and scenery, friendly locals or tasty street food, there are also many other convincing reasons for Vietnam tourism to be scored in the eyes of international visitors. The ...

  • Ho Chi Minh city travel guide [INFOGRAPHIC]
    • Wed, 20/07/2016
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    Ho Chi Minh city travel guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Ho Chi Minh City has become one of the hottest tourist destinations within the country of Vietnam. The city’s significance during the Vietnam War makes it very popular amongst history buffs. It is also one of the most upscale cities in Vietnam and is home to over 8 million residents. When traveling to Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll find a friendly atmosphere with plenty to see and tons to do! Of course, planning your trip accordingly is absolutely vital. You’ll want to learn about the atmosphere ...


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