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To have a detailed view about the nightlife of Hungary, you should not miss paying a visit to its capital – Budapest. Budapest Capital is the largest center of this country with many clubs, bars, casinos, and music clubs.
You can also enjoy the ballet, classical music, and opera at luxurious Opera House or listen to Jazz at the Jazz clubs.
Therefore, here is the list of some popular destinations at night in Budapest for you:

Budapest Hungary At Night

Party Ahoy

Be a guest on the 1938 Ukrainian cargo ship A38 to enjoy the jam-packed night of nautical dining, live music, and arts. The giant music hall of this ship is a legend of the Budapest. It also has a strong attraction to DJs and bands, who come here to play everything from French Techno, Bollywood Disco to improvised funk.
The nightlife on this ship does not stop here. It also includes 4 more bars: the bow terrace, roof terrace, motor bar and bow bar. In case you prefer a quiet and peaceful evening, you can pay a visit to the gallery on the 1938 Ukrainian cargo ship A38 or enjoy the meals in the luxurious restaurant situated on the top of the deck. Moreover, you can also dine on the wild boar on Danube Riverfront.

Party Ahoy in budapest

AllNightCrash Pub Crawl Budapest

AllNightCrash is among the most well-known Budapest pub crawls. At night, the bar tour is always packed with a great number of people day by day.
Around 11:00 PM, already hitting the second bar at that time, skipping all the queues at the entrance the party begins to become big fun. Starting to drink the all you can drink happy hour, the guests are already in dancing mood. And it's only the second bar.

All night crash club

New pubs and bars are popping up from time to time, however, Allnightcrash is the type of the old-fashioned (yet not old!). You will have the chance to observe the most truly ruin bars in the lovely Budapest, share the drinks, and enjoy the lively nightlife with fellows in this clubs as well.
A special feature of Allnightcrash is that it also offers bar hopping and beer tour with the freshest and the most high-quality beer. With five hours of enjoyment and pleasure, you can feel the happiness and the gladness of enjoying such delicious beer.

The meeting point is at 9PM at Oktogon 1, and we go to pubs and bars.
Address: Oktogon 1, 1066, Budapest
Phone:    +36 70 7711 775


The Norimuri is a quite new club, which opened up at the start of the famous Andrássy Avenue. Later, it was moved to the Sas utca and has been more and more popular now and then.
Those days, it is quite mainstream; however, the music is always great if you love decent house music. Norimuri was a little bit snobbish. You should prepare to be looked at if you choose to drink a common glass of beer instead of some appealing champagne mixture or long drinks. Except for that, the parties on the weekends of Norimuri are extremely great!

The Norimuri

Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday: 22.00 – 05.00
Address: Sas utca 15., 1051 Budapest
Tel.: +36 (30) 849 8586


The Kraft is among top hottest destinations in Budapest. In the evening, it is a great restaurant serving international cuisine. However, at 11:00 PM and beyond, it gradually turns into a huge party place.
The waiters begin to move all the tables away. All the front windows are closed with the movable wall. The entrance changes into the backdoor. Whenever the DJ starts his performance, yet not too great, the former restaurant completely becomes a massive bar with beautiful girls and gents dancing all the night.

Kraftin budapest

Phone number: +36 (20) 473 35 35


The Corvintető is the rooftop club slyly hidden above a spa supermarket. Therefore, in case you are seeking for a less commercial place, then, this club is perfectly suitable for you.
Corvintető’s main hall boasts such an amazing ceiling, which includes 1800 LED lights. However, this club is mainly famous for the huge terrace, in which you can dance and drink until the sunrise or you can choose to enjoy a good movie at the weekly cinema on the rooftop of Corvintető.

Corvintető in budapest

infoline: +3620-474-0831

Millenáris Teátrum

The Millenáris Teátrum club is situated in the Millenaris Park, which is on the city’s Buda side, where is famous for having a great number of factories and warehouses.
This common space includes event halls, TV and films studios, and exhibition areas. It also a special club in many people’s hearts since it has been the host for the Electronic Beats Festivals for 4 years. The perfect acoustics that the Millenáris Teátrum offers make it become a significant venue for the concert.
However, due to its strict regulations and size, it is just active for few times during the year. This is the reason why the musical savants of Budapest always realize that any musical events in Millenáris Teátrum must be very special.

Budapest Kis Rókus utca 16-20, 1024
+36 1 336 4000


In the morning and the afternoon, the Központ is just an open office in the downtown of Budapest. At night, this cozy small bar becomes such a watering hole. The Központ (its name means “center”), is a typically creative bar, therefore, it is the inspiration of many bands, music videos, and movies.
Even though it is a little bar, Központ still offers a wide range of musical options from psychedelic jam sessions to jazz concerts and DJs, who can play indie rock, house, techno or hip-hop.

Kzpontin budapest

1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 5.
+36 1 783 8405

We hope that through our list of top bars and clubs in Budapest, you will have a memorable nighttime in this city!
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