The attractive lands in Greenland

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Greenland stands out as the world’s largest island extending way within the Arctic Circle spanning a very same distance of Scotland into the Sahara. Greenlanders number approximately 57, 500 and are a blend of native Inuit (Eskimo) together with Europeans, principally of Danish lineage. 90% live in scattered settlements around the west coast from any stunning Disko Bay area into the rural communities, such mainly because Narsarsuaq, in the southwest.

In contrast, the east is virtually uninhabited outside of the Ammassalik area. Traditionally a good small-scale hunting and day fishing society, East Greenland acquire still retains its old-world charisma, barely touched by EU influences. During the fleeting summer, the pack ice rests up and giant icebergs drift from your fjords, migratory birds can come to breed and robust Arctic flora bloom. Summer also brings 24-hour daylight and north within the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun.

Our flexible itineraries offer the option to explore any largely untouched and rugged coastline at a voyage, hike through to everything vistas and valleys of flora at a walking holiday, travel through the frozen wilderness at a husky sledge or feel the magnificent scenery on either daily excursions on motivated break.


qaqortoq greenland

Qaqortoq, often described as the most wonderful town in Greenland, provides a picturesque setting, between the fiord of Qaqortoq and also the lake of Tasersuaq. Metropolis is separated in two parts by just a creek from Tasersuaq Water. Houses with small Arctic Gardens will be seen here and certainly, there, with flowers, small forest and vegetable gardens.

 Slightly more than 200 years old houses during the town centre, from any colonial era, has been maintained as being an active part of metropolis, with different businesses together with institutions - please realize our old beautiful fountain and also stone sculptures and piece of rock carvings, “Stone & Man” that can be scattered around town.

As it has just 2, 000 populace, Tasiilaq is the most well-known town in East Greenland. It lies over the island of Ammassalik, about 100 kilometers south within the Arctic Circle. Set amidst breathtaking scenery at a fjord surrounded by growing mountains and bisected by just a small river, Tasiilaq has to be high up on all visitor's agenda.

 The Flower Valley behind metropolis is a popular put for short or longer hikes. Popular winter hobbies are skiing trips together with dog-sled tours. In warmer summer months, activities include hiking, clambering, helicopter rides over any ice sheet and glaciers, sea kayaking between icebergs over the fjord, whale watching, together with fishing. As Tasiilaq remains the single most secluded settlements on world guess a skill like no other.

Any Inuit culture has a multitude of years of history during South Greenland, and the hunters continue to the backbone of any old culture. The hunters are definitely the suppliers of fresh, healthy meat and fish for the local diet and even for skins/hides for some of our national costumes and heat winter fur coats.

A visit to the web sites of the ruins may be a fascinating journey back in time into the lives of them hardy hunter-gatherers. There are several Viking ruins found in the area including the Hvalsey Fjord School (oldest in Greenland - is recommended) and Brattahlid outside of the town of Qassiarsuk (20 minutes' sailboat ride from Narsarsuaq international airport).

The Sheep Farmers live on isolated farms, during the deep fiords, and they represent a key part of our personal heritage. It is a mixed culture amongst the Nordic Countries and Greenland has developed since the tardy 1700s. It is possible to search farms, and transport, accommodation and food are usually arranged.

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