What to pack for a great family picnic?

  • Thu, 19/01/2017
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Who does not prefer to enjoy a picnic? It is an ideal way to make fun and unforgettable memories with your beloved family or friends. Instead of sleeping or surfing Facebook at the weekend, you can arrange an outdoor picnic and get your loved ones included. At that time, there is nothing greater than sitting on a blanket, nibbling on a sandwich, and drinking a glass of wine. All puts you in a peaceful and comfortable vacation getaway. Feel unsure of what to pack for a wonderful family picnic? Spend time reading this checklist below to ensure that you have got it all.
Food and Beverages

family picnic
  • Food
There are a few helpful tips you should keep in mind. It is better to prepare casual foods, such as sandwiches, baguettes, or something your family may eat without using many kitchen utensils. Other condiments (i.e. ketchup, mustards, salt, pepper, and so on) should also be taken into consideration, based on what food you want to bring. Then, pack everything in lightweight and easy-to-carry containers. If food is not stored at the right temperature, it can even spoil and harbor bacteria. So, keep your food cold by putting it on ice packs or bags with ice cubes. If you have a car, packing an ice box is also a wise idea. Ice cubes contribute to cooling your drinks during the picnic.
food for picnic
  • Beverages
When it comes to beverages, remember to bring some type of kid-friendly and adult drinks, like bottled water and juice.
picnic beverages

Tableware kit
  • Cups and plates       
There are many options for you to select. But make sure that you pick out lightweight, eco-friendly, and easy-to-pack items.
wicker picnic basket
  • Utensils
Of course, utensils play an important role in how to use your dishes. Choosing reusable utensils is always a good idea. If your meal consists of salads, then tongs or serving spoons is needed.
Regarding a cutting knife, let others see your cleverness and thoughtfulness by bringing the one with a cover or wrapping it in a kitchen towel for safe transporting.
Sometimes, you also need a small cutting board to slice cheese, meat or bread. It is handy to look for the one with a firm surface. Bringing a corkscrew or bottle opener is also necessary to open the wine bottle, for instance.
  • Napkins        
Based on your favorite, it is up to you to decide whether to use cloth or a napkin made of recycled paper or other materials.

Cleanup items
  • Trash bags    
Always protect the environment and show your high awareness by cleaning up your picnic area before leaving out. Put everything you brought to the picnic site in trash bags and thrown them into a nearby dustbin. That is also a useful way to save a cleaner’s time!
  • Moist towelettes and paper towels
Going for a picnic means that you rarely have access to running water. So, preparing moist towelettes make it easy to wash up after enjoying your meals. Keep a roll of paper towels on hand to mop up spills as well as wipe containers, bowls, utensils and plates before you pack them back up.

Other essential items
  • Blanket         
Of course, a blanket should be large enough to easily contain all your picnic food and participants. It is also better to choose the dark one since the colorful and bright blanket can be dirty and hard to wash up.
  • Camping cot

If you make an overnight picnic, then a camping cot becomes an excellent option for those who hate sleeping on the ground. Just think about it! You are now on a picnic camping; thus, your family, especially children, can be very active. They are eager to playing games, singing songs, or hanging out together in this special event. All of these activities may take up a lot of their energy. So, it is important for you to help them get a good night’s rest. And the camping cot, which comes with different colors and shapes, can make their satisfaction reach the highest notch, trust me!
  • Backpack, tote bag, or picnic basket
Such the items should be lightweight and roomy so that you can store everything here with ease!
  • Get a baby
If you have a baby (1-3 years old), be sure to bring the baby items such as diapers, clothes and mosquito repellant. Some versatile kits for infants, such as baby cots and baby car seats, are very necessary that you should prepare a few days before departure!

And the final thoughts!
I think that most of kids around the world will surely get excited when their parents promise to arrange a picnic at the weekend. Without a doubt, picnics are a special occasion that allows members in a family to create lifetime memories and enjoy spontaneous family adventures. No matter where or when your picnic takes place, do best to dip yourself in the moment! Leave the smart phones behind if possible! It is so boring when your family members just focus on their cell phones, instead of savoring a sweet picnic, right?
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