Ho Chi Minh city travel guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • Wed, 20/07/2016
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Ho Chi Minh City has become one of the hottest tourist destinations within the country of Vietnam. The city’s significance during the Vietnam War makes it very popular amongst history buffs. It is also one of the most upscale cities in Vietnam and is home to over 8 million residents. When traveling to Ho Chi Minh City, you’ll find a friendly atmosphere with plenty to see and tons to do! Of course, planning your trip accordingly is absolutely vital. You’ll want to learn about the atmosphere, climate, culture and the way of life of the Vietnamese people.

During your trip, you’ll have many different options to choose form in terms of eating, lodging and transportation. Opting for a motorbike or choosing a taxi are two good choices. You also need to consider the prices of food within the city. The most common way to enter the city is Vietnam Airlines, since it offers flights from 32 countries to Ho Chi Minh City. During your visit, you’ll want to make sure to visit some of the area’s most amazing landmarks, including Cu Chi Tunnels, the Phan Ngu Lao neighborhood, and the War Remnants Museum. Each will provide you with insight into the people, as well as the history and culture of the area. In this infographic from Viet Fun Travel, we’ll look at Ho Chi Minh city travel guide.

Ho Chi Minh city travel guide [INFOGRAPHIC]
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