​Things to discover when in Manila (Philippines)

  • Thu, 31/12/2015
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Philippines is a beautiful country full of natural sceneries. The capital city, Manila, may not be the most good-looking and not have cleanliness in Asia, but this has something that attracts most of the visitors. Starting from the age old history to the recent most upgraded features, this city contains everything. Here we will discover things that you need to do when you are passing your vacation in Manila.

Manila Bay Waterfront

This is a sea from where you can have your experience of watching one of the best twilights. You can set free your children, as this is not risky to let them roaming free. Here are lot of food shops beside the bay. Not only food carts, there are some of the renowned hotels to stay and have your meals too. You may not like the overly crowded area, but trust me, the sunset and ice cream carts will swipe them all. This city is very similar to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam

Tagaytay is 2 or 3 hours from city of Manila. This small city is special because it contains the smallest volcano named, Mt. Taal. This is one of the active volcanos of the world. When you are in the Tagaytay, you need to cross a lake riding on a boat and reach the volcano island first. Then after hiking the hills for not more than 1 hour, you will reach your destination.

The local Transportation
When you are in Manila, you must try the public transport of Manila. Rather taking a personal ride, you should go anywhere you want by the Jeepney. This is an age old vehicle from the World War II. This is not only entertaining, but also much more affordable than of taking a personal ride.

The Cockfight is one of the most popular games in Manila. People just love this game. Two roasters are trained to fight, and in a right whey wrestle with each other. People not only enjoys this as a game only, some of them may gamble too. You may also try this game enjoying and gambling. Who knows? You may win a few pesos on your choice.

Binondo is the world’s first ever Chinatown situated in Manila. You will face hundreds of people doing their respective job and not bothering anything around. The ancient walls and the streets will give you and essence of history.

Intramuros is the Spanish old town. This area was designed according to the Spanish style. The colonial walls in streets give you the vibe of antique Spain.

Filipino Karaoke

Although this city is full of middle class people, they are very happy. The people in Manila know how to live. They know how to enjoy. Most of them loves to sing, does not matter whether they can or not. They just sing. And such a culture of karaoke was built. Whenever they are in a restaurant or in a bar, there is a karaoke. They will always enjoy this thing. Do not miss the chance to impress your fellow traveler singing a song with the Filipino people.

This is one of the most exciting and unique food you will ever find. Habitants of this area just love this food. You will find this unique food in the streets. After cracking the egg, and drinking the soup with the egg white, you can fill your thrust with the fetus.

Night life of Manila is so exciting. There are night clubs which includes bars. You can drink and dance to the fullest to your heart’s content. Colors of the street will also take your heart away.
If you are a travel freak, then visiting to Manila is a must. You will obviously not love to miss such a mixed experience as a package.
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