5 famous tourist destinations of Laos

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When you are planning to visit Asia, Laos should be the first choice for its multi-dimensional beauty all over the country. Laos is situated in Asia, beside Vietnam and Thailand. Laos is famous for its mountains. This country is not so rich in technological side, as it was isolated from the outer world. As a result, a visit to Laos, takes you to the era of old times. 5 top most famous tourist spots are given below:

Pha That Luang


Pha That Luang means The Great Stupa in Lao. This is one of the most important monuments in the history of Laos. This is situated in the city of Vientiane. There are several levels in the stupa. Different terraces from of each level, stands for different meanings. All of them are actually built as the stage of Buddhist insight. The highest level means the world of oblivion while the lowest level stands for the materialistic world. This stupa was built long ago, around 16th century. It was built in a place where the Khmer temple was situated previously. It was smashed in 1828 due to Siamese invasion, but was reconstructed in 1931 which was done by France.

Si Phan Don


Si Phan Don consist of a number of islands. Si Phan Don means 4,000 islands. From the meaning we can understand how many islands make this whole beautiful set of island. This set of island contains a scenic value and is situated at Mekong River in Southern Laos. The Mekong River is obstructed due to river traffic caused by the Khone Falls. Khone Falls is a series of cascades that expanse the river’s length up to almost 9.7 k.m. which is almost 6miles. The Mekong below the falls contains Irrawaddy Dolphins. This Dolphins are endangered but still due to suitable environment they have a small population on that river. Don Det, Don Khon and Done Kong are the three top most renowned islands which provides accommodation to the visitors. Most of the hotels, motels and bungalows are suitable for families with many members. People ride bikes and kayaks for their local transportation which can also be rented here.

Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng3

Vang Vieng is a city situated in riverside. The main location of this beautiful and naturally decorated city is about a 4 hour bus ride to the north of the capital. The streets of this city is full of restaurants, bars, rest houses, guest houses, cafes, different tour agencies to help the tourists. Vang Vieng is surrounded by a very scenic and dramatic karst hill. This limestone mountains look like a picture perfect scene when enjoyed. The adventurous people love to climb that hills. But riding the inner tube and enjoying the ride in the Nam Song river is the most common and famous thing to do.

The Meokong River

The river of Meokong is considered to be as the largest rivers of South Asia. It has an estimated length of 4,350 km or roughly almost 2,703 miles. The Mekong River is mostly the share of Laos. This river is the major transport for Laos, although it has some other roads and mountains. You can have a boat ride to the northern part of Thailand, named Luang Prabang, from the Huay Xai of Laos, by this river. The endpoint of the Mekong river is Mekong delta  in Vietnam.

The Vieng Xai Cave

The Vieng Xai caves are a wide network of caves. These caves served as the secret city during the Vietnam War. The Communist army, who were fighting the monarchist forces based in Vientiane, used this cave as their home. US army bombed the cave during the war. The caves had a citizens of over 23,000 which also provided all kind of facilities of basic needs. The cave contained a clinic, bakery, stores, military barracks, and even Movie Theater. Almost as the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam, this cave is also one of the most favorite tourist spots of Laos. The government of Lao is trying their best to promote it as a tourist spot day by day.


Those who wants to know about places through travelling, Laos is a perfect place for them. This country is not just beautiful, it also has some historic value too. So, whenever you go there, know the details of the places for enjoying your trip more.
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