Top 8 Things to Do When Traveling to Mui Ne Bay

  • Thu, 16/05/2019
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Mui Ne Bay is an appealing destination for those who enjoy the beach and love experiencing outdoor activities. Along Mui Ne Bay are beautiful beaches with white sand.  On travelling to Mui Ne Bay, you will be attracted by not only its pristine beauty but also by the modern sports activities, picnics or simply the daily life of the local people to get to know their specific cultures and customs. Given these interesting features, Mui Ne Bay is becoming more popular among not only domestic but also international visitors which welcomes millions of visitors every year. Here are some must-do activities that Viet Fun travel highly recommend visitors shouldn’t miss when traveling to Mui Ne Bay.

1. Sand sledding in the Red sand dunes

The typical hot climate and the desertification have created great sand dunes in Phan Thiet City. On visiting Mui Ne, you should not miss sledding sand! This activity has become one of the must-do things when coming to the Red sand dunes or often called Mui Ne sand dunes. In recent years, the sled rental services have developed strongly, regardless of the extreme climate. Sand sledding is an attractive and fun sport as you can challenge yourself with the steep sand slopes in a safe way, thanks to the fine sand.


2. Discovering Mui Ne Bay with a motorcycle

Mui Ne is such an attractive destination for tourists with wide, beautiful beaches, crystal-clear ocean, peaceful fishing villages in the sunset. Your experience will be better than ever if you rent a motorbike which allows you to go wherever and whenever you want, also you can save a lot of money and time. If you can rent a motorcycle, then, you must go to Bau Trang. The interesting feeling when driving along the beautiful paths through tranquil Vietnamese villages and impressive white sand dunes is unforgettable. You can also conquer those sand dunes by renting the motorcycles. Bau Trang is about 25 kilometers from Mui Ne’s center. After spending time experiencing the sand dunes, you can go for a walk around the lotus lakes and admire the beautiful sunset which definitely brings you special feelings!

A man travel to Mui Ne by motorcycle

3. Experience the sunrise and sunset in Mui Ne Bay

In the moment of sunset and sunrise, the scene of a small fishing village can be incredibly tranquil and magnificent which is very hard to be found in modern cities. Dozens of colorful boats anchored along the coastal line beautify the crystal-clear sea. All the scenes are immersed in a shimmering world. Contemplating and enjoying your own relaxing moments here will be an extremely interesting experience that should not be missed. Check now Mui Ne sunrise tour.


4. Discover Mui Ne Sand Dunes

An ideal place for you to watch the beautiful sunset in Mui Ne is the Red Sand Dunes. Located about 2 km from the city center, the Red sand dunes look like a natural wonder, which brings you an interesting feeling just as standing on a real desert.

Discover Mui Ne Sand Dunes

5. Kite surfing

Mui Ne - Phan Thiet is always proud of its perfect windy beaches, which is ideal for kite surfing. Mui Ne Beach is the most popular destination for surfing in Asia. If you don’t have any experiences in kite surfing, Viet Fun Travel suggests that you should enroll in short-term surfing courses offered by several local centers with very affordable price.


6. Going to the seafood market in the early morning

If you are a fan of seafood then seafood market is a “ can’t miss place”. Apart from this, in the morning, Mui Ne seafood market gives you the most detailed view about the lives of Vietnamese fishermen. Every morning, the fishing boats dock near the shore, and all the family members together sell caught seafood to the local merchants, restaurant owners and food stalls owners. The net is full of fresh fishes and seafood. The morning atmosphere here will certainly leave you with a memorable impression.


7. Visiting Mui Ne fishing village

The fishing village of Mui Ne is about 3 km from the town. Right at the fishing village entrance are hundreds of colorful anchored fishing boats. Near the entrance is a small market with a peaceful life.
Although the area of the fishing village is only 100 meters along the coast, it is a place where visitors can clearly feel and learn about the lives of the local fishermen. If you come to the fishing village early enough in the morning, you will have the chance to buy lots of fresh seafood.

Mui Ne fishing village

8. Visiting Suoi Tien

Suoi Tien is a wonder that nature bestows on the land of Mui Ne. Located between the beach and the fishing villages, this impressive stream is surrounded by beautiful limestone patches. You can explore the muddy red water on foot. Along with the steam are colorful limestone hills and evergreen trees.
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visiting suoi tien
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