9 greatest experiences you must try in Hanoi

  • Mon, 26/06/2017
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If you have chance to visit Hanoi, you should not miss below 10 most interesting things to do.

1. Quang Ba flower market


For Hanoi people, Quang Ba flower night market is not only the focal point for supplying flowers all over the city but also has become a cultural beauty. Flowers in Quang Ba are brought from the famous flower growing areas around Hanoi: Tay Tuu, Dong Anh, Gia Lam, Phuc Yen… with many colors and shades. The more you walk into the market, the more flowers you will see. The feeling of going to the market in the early morning, breathing fresh air and seeing the many flowers blooming beautifully is so strangely peaceful.

2. Fresh beer in Ta Hien


In the hottest days with nearly 40 degrees C, there is nothing more wonderful than going to Ta Hien Street and then choose a nice seat to enjoy the glass of fresh beer and see the ancient houses in the afternoon light along with the stream of people going back and forth. Locals call this street by the name “International corner” because this is the favorite place for almost foreigners who like to sit on plastic stools and see the hustle and bustle of Hanoi while enjoying fresh beer.

3. Hanoi cuisine

Hanoi is famous for street food culture

It is said that Hanoi cuisine is a great introduction to Hanoi for anyone who visits Hanoi in the first time. Coming to Hanoi without a culinary adventure is not complete. The food here is famous for its diversity and its unique and attractive taste. In addition, Hanoi is like a wonderland of cheap eats and drinks, offering an endless variety of desserts, soups, noodles, spices, and fresh herbs that all foreigners always highly appreciate So, in spare time, you should spend the whole day with your friends wandering the streets to enjoy Hanoi cuisine. I can make sure you could spend one week eating food here without eating the same meal twice

4. Participate in a Hanoi cooking class

Another great way to you to immerse yourself into Hanoi cuisine is joining a Hanoi cooking class. In such these classes, you both learn how to cook Vietnamese traditional dishes and explore the interesting stories behind the foods. You get to know about each ingredient before staring the class in the local market. Having taken to the market, you pick fresh ingredients you would need for your meal while the chef pointed out how to identify foods and freshness. Then by chef’s guidelines, you learn the secret of Hanoi cuisine.


5. Iced tea with lemon at Joseph's Cathedral

If you are a tea lover, this is a must-visit. Nearby Hanoi’s Cathedral, there are so many tea stalls serving on the street only with small plastic stools, you can leisurely relax and drink iced tea with lemon while watching the chaos of these streets.
Nearby Hanoi's Cathedral, this area is also a popular hangout place for youths

Anyone who came to Hanoi and took the chance to enjoy iced tea with lemon at Joseph's Cathedral in Nha Chung Street, they will never forget its taste. Just with this kind of drink, if you enjoy it at another place, surely you will not have special feelings like you are at the Church where you can sit to enjoy iced lemon tea with dried sunflower seeds or peanut brittle, and watch the passers-by in the ancient scenery around street. Such an interesting experience!

6. Spiral popsicle ice cream with lemon and mint flavor

Hanoi ice cream is more and more well-known with locals and foreign tourists. Coming to Hoan Kiem lake will bring you full of experience of Hanoian by tasting some ice cream here, even in the winter. No matter how the weather is, you should try the lemon and mint spiral popsicle ice cream. The typically sour taste of lemon with the aroma of mint will make you always "remember" this ice cream.

7. Riding a bike around West Lake

Cycling in afternoon, you can capture the Hanoi sunset

Cycling around West lake is the best and easiest way to immerse into peaceful atmosphere and leave behind the noise and crazy bike traffic in Hanoi Old Quarter. Renting a bike in early morning or afternoon gives you the fresh air and the beauty of the sun in the sunset. The quietness and peace of the lake surely help you unload your burden and daily worries. While cycling you don’t forget to stop at some café shops with the nice views of West Lake.

8. Take a cyclo ride

This is an ideal way to discover Hanoi without a walk

If you like to immerse into the crazy traffic in Hanoi without having to walk around, just take a cyclo (rickshaw- a three-wheel bicycle taxi) ride. You sit in front with a bike peddler behind you who takes you around Hanoi and French Old Quarter. This absolutely is a great way to experience the chaotic traffic and see Hanoi’s life while being in the seat of a cyclo without worries. On a ride, the driver will go on a leisurely pace so that you get a good opportunity to capture nice photos by your camera. You will feel relaxed as the cyclo takes you into the busy traffic with hundreds of scooters.

9. The flag-raising ceremony

This is a national ritual of Vietnam. The flag raising and lowing ceremony is performed every day at 6am and 9pm in front of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. This ritual attracting many locals and tourists is taken over by a soldier who holds a military flag is followed by 34 soldiers.
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