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Like all other places in the world, Antarctica is one of the beautiful places in the mother earth. The place is tranquil and serene and full of peace. It is the coldest place of the world. Not only the coldest, it is also the driest continent of the world.
Antarctica is the fifth continent as it comes to how much large area it contains. Although this is a place full of ice, this is actually a desert. But due to severe cold, nobody can recognize it at first glance. This is situated near southern part which overlays the South Pole.
Antarctica is an independent continent, though there were so many claims regarding the different portions of the continent by numerous countries. The 1958 Antarctica Treaty holds the rights and responsibilities of this scarcely populated area. They have declared and managed to design this as an international research zone. There is no one living in this cold area unless the researchers. There are almost 1000 to 4000 researchers living in their laboratories, depending on the season.

Ways of visiting the Area
As this place is quite cold, it is not possible for human being to lead a normal life there. But if you wish to visit there, you can, obviously. There are 3 different ways to visit the place. These are:
  1. Sea Voyage
Commercial sea voyage around the area is one of the most common and most popular way of paying a visit to the continental area. In a study it is seen that, over 26 thousand people have paid a visit to Antarctica or around the continent by ship.
  1. Land expeditions
Land expedition is another way of visiting. Specially mounted lands are expedited in this way.
  1. Ariel Sightseeing
Sightseeing by air is another exciting way when you come to visit this area.


The landscape and other livings are very rare but very beautiful here. Here some of the overviews of those are given below:

This is the only land where there is no native mammals or other genre animals. There is no polar bear too, as many thinks, it is mandatory for the poles to have bears. But unfortunately this is wrong, polar bears are only found in North Pole. But some of the penguins and other birds are seen who have migrated from other regions.
There is no floral plant found in this area, not in land, not even in water.
This area is completely a deserted one. But the area is fully covered with ice. The water sides of this area is also covered with ice. There is no rain rather a little bit snowfall. Every year there are many adventure travel group wants to this land to explore.

Regions of Antarctica

There are some divisions in the Antarctica. These are:
  • Antarctic Peninsula
This is the major land of Antarctica continent. This has an extraordinary topography and topology.
  • East Antarctica
This is the eastern part of the Antarctica. This part of the region is the most known to the visitors.
  • South pole
This part overlays the south pole and contains a permanent research laboratory.
  • West Antarctica
The west part of the Antarctica is empty. There is nothing, not a single research center. But the highest point of this earth lies here.
  • Ross Sea
This is the main transit to the New Zealand and Australia. This has some beautiful views that attracts the visitors most.
The world is a vast area. There are things we do not even know. There are many places where people have never gone but are of very scenic value. Antarctica is one of them, where it is difficult to go and stay, but really very beautiful. Add this place to your bucket list, if you are an adventure lover.
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