• Top things to do in Tien Giang Province | Tien Giang Top Attractions
    • 10:39 27/02/2017
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    Top things to do in Tien Giang Province | Tien Giang Top Attractions

    Traveling trends of tourists, especially international ones, have dramatically changed in recent years. That means they prefer to stay close to natural hideaways, discover local cultural identities, as well as mingle with community lifestyle for authentic experiences. Thanks to its fresh air, pleasant climate, diverse natural resources, and exquisite scenery, Tien Giang province has quickly become one of the most stunning and attractive tourist destinations in the Mekong Delta region. Whether yo ...

  • Top things to do in Can Tho City | Can Tho Top Attractions
    • 03:21 24/02/2017
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    Top things to do in Can Tho City | Can Tho Top Attractions

    Set in the Mekong Delta, Can Tho is luckily endowed with favorable conditions, such as tropical climate, fertile soil, and a large system of canals and rivers. With the population of over 1.2 million and a total area of about 1,400 square kilometers, it is considered the 5th biggest city in Vietnam. If Hanoi capital lures visitors by its traditional beauty, Ho Chi Minh City wins tourists’ heart by its lively and chaotic nightlife, Can Tho surely leaves a strong impression on any traveler by it ...

  • Saigon Central Post Office
    • 03:35 22/02/2017
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    Saigon Central Post Office

    Along with Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City is another famous iconic building and tourist attraction that draws much attention from visitors. Interestingly, the site gets its name reputable for its oozing history and stunning architecture, rather than its main function as a place to send letters. Without a doubt, this is the biggest post office of Vietnam in general and of Saigon in particular.   This grand building was built between 1886 and 1991 by Gustave E ...

  • Shri Restaurant & Lounge Rooftop Bar
    • 04:03 21/02/2017
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    Shri Restaurant & Lounge Rooftop Bar

    Shri Restaurant and Lounge gets its title noted for its restaurant combined with rooftop bar, which becomes a great spot to reunite and talk with friends as well as offers the unparalleled panoramic view over the colorful city at night. Set atop the Centec Tower, a luxurious and classy Shri Restaurant is becoming more and more familiar with businessman, romantic couples, and even modern families.   So, what does SHRI mean? The restaurant’s name has its root from the Sanskrit language, w ...

  • Chill Sky Bar Ho Chi Minh for a Lively Nightlife
    • 10:06 20/02/2017
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    Chill Sky Bar Ho Chi Minh for a Lively Nightlife

    If you are a person who loves the chaotic atmosphere and modern ambience of the city at night, then no place can beat bars and clubs. Located on the 26th floor, AB Tower, 76A Le Lai Street, District 1, Chill Sky is notably listed as the first and original Saigon rooftop bar. Although there are a few new luxurious players these days, Chill is still holding its own charm and glamour.  The circular open-air platform offers visitors stunning views across to many high-rise buildings in th ...

  • Saigon Opera House in The Eyes of Foreigners
    • 03:21 20/02/2017
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    Saigon Opera House in The Eyes of Foreigners

    Ho Chi Minh City pleases both domestic and foreign visitors with a number of magnificent buildings to explore, shopping outlets to drop by, fascinating cultural trips to book, wellness and spa options to indulge, and so on. However, if you are simply fond of a visual, aural and unforgettable journey where your senses are inspired, then booking a ticket to watch a show in the Saigon Opera House, which is outstandingly situated at the heart of the city, is a nice idea.    Constru ...

  • ​Jade Emperor Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City
    • 04:35 16/02/2017
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    ​Jade Emperor Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City

    Nestled in a quiet and hidden corner of Ho Chi Minh City, Jade Emperor Pagoda becomes a calming sanctuary for those who want to practice their belief and escape from the bustling vibe of the chaotic streets outside. Also called Tortoise Pagoda, Emperor Jade Pagoda is considered one of the most visually stunning and important shrines in Saigon. Established in 1909 by the Cantonese community, the pagoda is still a place of worship for those who practice Buddhism and Taoism which are both widely pr ...

  • Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City (Opening Hours)
    • 03:56 16/02/2017
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    Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City (Opening Hours)

    The Fine Arts Museum in Saigon was established in September 1987 by the People’s Committee. Housed in a magnificent colonial building, it was used as a commerce center. Later, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has designated it as a first-class national museum in the country. The museum wins tourists’ heart for greatest artworks not only from Vietnamese artists, but also from renowned foreign artists.     From the distant view, your eyebrows will be raised by the ...

  • Eon Heli Bar Saigon for a Sweet Night on Special's Day
    • 10:20 13/02/2017
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    Eon Heli Bar Saigon for a Sweet Night on Special's Day

    If you would like to enjoy a feeling that you are now on top of the world, then it is time to head to Bitexco Financial Tower – the highest building in Ho Chi Minh City. In fact, the design of this modern and grand skyscraper was similar to a lotus bud. Interestingly, here is where EON Heli Bar Saigon is located. Everything you need may be found in this bar, from stunning views of the city skyline and a great glass of wine or beer, to the lightening boulevards that cross the river as well as l ...

  • Explore Phong Dien Floating Market (Can Tho City)
    • 03:14 13/02/2017
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    Explore Phong Dien Floating Market (Can Tho City)

    Phong Dien floating market is one of the most fantastic sight-seeing of Can Tho city. This is a unique cultural feature of the Mekong Delta, which appeals to numerous tourists. This is an ideal place for selling and trading agricultural products and an attractive destination of southern Vietnam. This floating market, which is about 17 kilometers to the Southeastern, is located at the intersection of three rivers, where the Can Tho River divided from Hau River. The activities of this market usua ...

  • Vietnam travel guide for backpackers
    • 08:12 10/02/2017
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    Vietnam travel guide for backpackers

    We all had read about bad things in Vietnam that we could be stolen in the hotels and the people are very cold, ... I had just visited Vietnam last year, and after all, it doesn't disappoint me. If you are a tourist, you will find this place a paradise ... I started with a visit in Phu Quoc, although it is not cheap, super friendly people, nice beaches, and good cuisine would make up to the cost. Undoubtedly, Vietnam is a country that suffered a lot after the war in the past. And the memory of ...

  • Southeastern Armed Forces Museum
    • 04:38 10/02/2017
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    Southeastern Armed Forces Museum

    Although Saigon city is affected by a lot of new and trendy amusements, there is somewhere in the city that still helps people learn more about Vietnamese history. And Southeastern Armed Forces Museum is one of the attracting places for many history lovers. Located near the city’s airport, this museum exhibits a wider variety of Vietnam's war history, from the Indochina fight against the French, to the recent military practices in the 1990s. One of the prominent highlights is that the place is ...

  • Rex Hotel’s Rooftop Garden Bar in Saigon
    • 02:49 08/02/2017
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    Rex Hotel’s Rooftop Garden Bar in Saigon

    Saigon at night is always gorgeous and vibrant. To get the most out of the night, nothing can beat a visit to a rooftop bar, where the panorama of the whole city is vivid and lively in front of your eyes.  That’s why you are highly encouraged to pamper yourself with a relaxing drink at the Rex Hotel’s Rooftop Garden Bar after a long tour of discovering Ho Chi Minh City or after a hardworking day.   Located on the five storeys of the Rex Hotel, Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, Ho Ch ...

  • Mekong Delta Homestay in Ben Tre
    • 03:49 07/02/2017
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    Mekong Delta Homestay in Ben Tre

    Trying the homestay in the Mekong Delta is properly memorable and enjoyable. You may have the chances to share hardship and joys with your local hosts. In Mekong Delta region, the homestays as well as what are so called the homestays are still mushrooming, especially in Vinh Long, Ben Tre, and Can Tho. Some of them may be very spacious, beautifully built in traditional style of Vietnam while others may be very basic, and built on the wooden stilts.     A big advantage of the Mekon ...

  • ​Top-ranked traditional Handicraft Villages in Mekong Delta
    • 07:37 02/02/2017
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    ​Top-ranked traditional Handicraft Villages in Mekong Delta

    Mekong Delta is noted as the largest rice basket in Vietnam where the images of rice paddies as well as lush orchards of bananas, coconuts, mangos, pineapples, and oranges can leave you spellbound at first sight. Taking a boat trip to the heart of Mekong Delta brings you a good chance to gain the clear sights and sounds of this area. Along with getting homestay experience and mingling with the rustic lives of indigenous locals here, there is no reason to overlook several famous traditional handi ...


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