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Along with Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City is another famous iconic building and tourist attraction that draws much attention from visitors. Interestingly, the site gets its name reputable for its oozing history and stunning architecture, rather than its main function as a place to send letters. Without a doubt, this is the biggest post office of Vietnam in general and of Saigon in particular.
This grand building was built between 1886 and 1991 by Gustave Eiffel – a famed architect – with a combination of Renaissance, Gothic and French touches. But, what mainly leaves guests from admiration to admiration is its typical colonial French styles, ranging from exterior appearances to interior decorations. From the distant view, it just looks like a European train station with a giant clock with Roman Numerals, instead of numbers. Take a closer look at the main entrance of the Saigon Central Post Office! Its intricate ironwork does create a unique architectural style, which tickles visitors’ curiosity.
Saigon Central Post Office 1892  
Saigon Central Post Office 1892
Once entering the grand interior, the first things that catch your interest are the 2 huge maps, namely “Saigonet ses environs, 1892” and “Lignes télégraphiques du Sud Vietnamet du Cambodge.” Your eyebrows will also be raised by a huge sense of space. Thanks to the big and airy interior, people feel as if there is plenty of space, even when the building is sometimes full of people and activities. The symmetric ceiling is massively high, designed with arc shape and supported by the 2 rows of steel pillars.
Saigon Central Post Office inside  
Saigonet ses environs

At present, the post office has lots of booths serving for all kinds of guests with new and modern telecommunication equipments. Due to these equipments, you are quite able to make visible contact with people from everywhere around the country. Moreover, other traditional postal services, like mailing, selling stamps or postcards, sending packages quickly, buying souvenirs, electronic presents, electronic flowers, etc. are also available to cater for guests’ demand. You can even visit here to do foreign money exchange. As mentioned above, thousands of people flock to the building every day to learn more about its history and architecture, rather than sending letters.
Saigon Central Post Office 

After walking for a long time, take a break on long benches. You are advised to purchase post cards, old stamps, and other objects to bring home as souvenirs or gifts for your beloved. Don’t forget to carry a good camera to take beautiful photos around the buildings.
Saigon Central Post Office
Saigon Central Post Office is always included in most of the tours in the city. You are able to get there by motorbike, taxi or on foot from other landmarks, like War Remnants Museum or Reunification Palace. The opening hour is from 6 AM to 10 PM.
One of the main reasons why people like visiting here is that the building is situated near Notre Dame Cathedral – the largest church with gorgeous architecture and Diamond Plaza – a big shopping venue in the city. These 3 buildings make District 1 popular and accessible for foreigners to reach. So, take time to arrive in here to admire the unique architecture of the post office as well as soak in the past time, ranging from the stamps to the call counters!
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