Shri Restaurant & Lounge Rooftop Bar

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Shri Restaurant and Lounge gets its title noted for its restaurant combined with rooftop bar, which becomes a great spot to reunite and talk with friends as well as offers the unparalleled panoramic view over the colorful city at night. Set atop the Centec Tower, a luxurious and classy Shri Restaurant is becoming more and more familiar with businessman, romantic couples, and even modern families.
So, what does SHRI mean? The restaurant’s name has its root from the Sanskrit language, which can be understood as “to be surrounded by light.” Once setting foot in the Shri at the first time, you can gain literal sense to the name, due to large panoramic windows and a dazzling al fresco terrace that overlooks the city’s lights in all directions. The soft, peaceful and intimate ambiance within the bar and lounge area makes it perfect for any occasion: a sunset cocktail, a casual dinner with buddies on the terrace, a coffee gossip lunch, or simply a romantic evening for couples in the dining room. You will be thoroughly served by a system of the accommodating, attentive, and knowledgeable managers and staffs who always put your satisfaction and smile as top priority.
Shri Restaurant and Lounge Rooftop Bar
Although rooftop bars are widely spread and popular around central streets in Saigon at present, Shri still wins an award for an early player when it was in operation for 5 years ago. Regardless of its long-lasting history, its views and reputation continue to rank well. It is worth pointing out that Shri inclines towards the mellow side. That means you will visit here for a relaxing drinks and dishes, rather than a raving party. One plus is that the space is large while the décor and design are based on contemporary style. It makes people feel like that they are entering a 5-star hotel bar.
The meals are diverse and exotic, with options including modern European home-cooked foods, yummy desserts, along with a wide selection of salads and grills only made from the finest local and imported ingredients. The food surely brings an incredible taste of Europe in Asia.
food in Shri Restaurant
For a full evening experience, head toward the spacious lounge and bar inside Shri Restaurant and Lounge with intimate lighting and picture windows to enjoy the best prepared cocktails or strong beverages.
Shri Restaurant and Lounge Rooftop Bar

The best time to be here is a happy hour offer, in which drinks will be reduced by 50% from 3 PM to 6.30 PM. Shri is also adorned with regular live music, lunch-time offers as well as other attracting events. The place turns to be an ideal place for those who want to escape from the chaos of Saigon city, pamper themselves with cool drinks, and immerse in harmonious atmosphere and relaxation.
Shri Restaurant and Lounge Rooftop Bar
The unique setting, satisfying service, quality of its menu, and calm and relaxing atmosphere, all makes Shri one of the top restaurants and rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh City. Of course, its reputation is most surely justified and worth a trip for visitors who want to indulge themselves after a long day of working, studying or traveling. Don’t forget to bring the camera or use your smartphone to have unique and beautiful selfie photos!
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