Mui Ne Vietnam Weather - What's the best time to travel?

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Mui Ne is located in the east of Binh Thuan – a coastal province. Therefore, Mui Ne weather is strongly affected by oceanic climate and tropical monsoon climate. The weather of Mui Ne can be divided into two seasons: the rainy season and the dry one. Now, let’s begin to have a more detailed look at the weather of this location to have the best preparation for your future trip!

An overview of Mui Ne-Viet Nam weather

Mui Ne is located in Binh Thuan province. The featured weather here is mainly the tropical monsoon climate with sunshine and wind. There are two separate seasons in Phan Thiet City: the rainy season begins from May to October while the dry season starts from November to April. The average temperature of this region is quite high – about 29 degrees Celsius. Besides, the air humidity fluctuates between 75 and 85% while the average annual rainfall is between 800 and 2000 millimeters. These values can be different, depend on the season.

Hon Ghenh - Beautiful location regardless of the rainy or dry season
Hon Ghenh - Beautiful location regardless of the rainy or dry season

On the other hand, Mui Ne’s weather is also influenced by the South central’s oceanic climate, of which main features are low humidity and rainfall. Mui Ne Vietnam weather is a combination of South Central’s and South East’s weather with two separated seasons: the rainy season and the dry season.

Although there are two main seasons in Mui Ne, the weather is still nice, even in the rainy season. In general, the rain just lasts for one or two hours each day and is not as heavy as other regions of
Vietnam’s South Central. The location of Mui Ne city is in an arid region with the typical tropical climate.

Mui Ne weather by months

The weather of Phan Thiet city is always filled with wind, sunshine, rare storms and no heavy mist. The annual temperature is between 26 OC to 27 OC. In November, January and February, the average temperature is about 25 OC, which makes the weather much cooler in comparison with other time in the year. On the contrary, April and May are the hottest months on record. The average temperature of those months can be up to 29 OC. The relative humidity of Mui Ne is about 80.7% per year.

Mui Ne weather in the dry season is featured by the high temperature and low rainfall. The difference between the average temperature each month is small – just about 10C.
In November, the weather of this region can be described as cloudy with a low amount of rain. The temperature fluctuates between 22 OC and 30 OC. The air humidity and rainfall are low as well. The sunshine duration is about 4 hours each day. In December, the temperature fluctuates between 21OC to 30OC with 5 hours of sunshine duration. The rainfall in this month is still low. From January to March, there is a little change in the amount of rainfall or temperature. The rainfall amount is not higher than 50 millimeters and the temperature is about 20 OC and 30 OC each month.


In the rain season, the weather of Phan Thiet is featured by high temperature and rainfall. June, July, and August are the hottest months, of which temperature can reach to 32 OC. The range between the highest temperature and the lowest one in those months is about 8 OC. The total rainfall in the dry season is very high. From August to October, the weather is sunny and cloudy. This climate is perfect for outdoor activities and games on the beaches.

The best time to travel to Mui Ne

Mui Ne is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists in Vietnam. The weather here is so perfect for a trip at any time in the year. Mui Ne weather guarantees you a memorable trip with many exciting activities!
Although you can visit this place at any time in the year, it is suggested that the best time to travel here is from November to April which falls into the dry season. In this time, you will have the chances to experience the beautiful scenery in Phan Thiet, where is famous for its wonderful beach and interesting sight-seeing.

Mui ne sand dunes
Sliding sand in the dry season

If you are the one who loves discovering and enjoying adventure tours, then you should travel to Mui Ne between November and April. On the other hand, if you love interesting local festivals, you should visit this place in January, February or March. On traveling in this time, you will have the opportunities to experience the colorful and exciting ambiance of traditional festivals.

Go to the beach in the rain season

Besides, if you love outdoor games or interesting activities at the beach, then, the best time to pay a visit to Mui Ne – Phan Thiet is from May to October. As in this time, the wind’s and wave’s movement is ideal for all kinds of water sports such as surfing or sailing. Overall, Phan Thiet is suitable for traveling at any time in a year.

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Viet Fun Travel hopes that through what we share above, you can have a detailed look of Mui Ne Viet Nam weather so that you will have the best preparation for your trip. Do not hesitate to book a trip and start to experience wonderful things in this destination!
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