Fairy Stream Mui Ne: Discover The True Beauty Of Nature

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Known as one of the stunning landmarks in Phan Thiet, Fairy Stream Mui Ne is definitely worth a visit. This magnificent poetic site is described as a mini version of the Grand Canyon in other places. Located 18km of the northeast of Phan Thiet City, the Fairy Stream has a dramatic landscape – one side is a mix of white and red sand dunes, while the other side is filled with rows of coconut palms, verdant trees with luxuriant leaves, and different kinds of wildflowers.

Overview Fairy Stream

The water springs from the mountainside of Dinh Mountain, so the stream is about ankle-deep for the most part and does not reach your knees at its deepest. Alternatively, visitors can easily walk along the stream, and it’s remarkably pleasant to wade through the soft red dirt under the water. Viet Fun Travel encourages you to take off your shoes during the journey so that you can feel the freshness running through your feet; nevertheless, you’re advised to avoid stepping on the exposed sand and rocks from the side as they’re quite hot under the sun.

What kind of experience you’ll get from the Fairy Stream Mui Ne?

As soon as you access the main stream, your eyes will be treated with a feast. Under the sunlight, the rocks change their colors and shades throughout a day…how amazing, right? If you prefer hiking, then don’t ignore the chance walking on the canyon where you can enjoy a colorful show of nature – the burst of whites, reds, pinks, and oranges. The whole landscape is covered in peculiar colors, so it’s not surprising to know that Fairy Stream Mui Ne in Vietnam is one of top photography hotspots.
You will immediately feel a sense of freedom once climbing up and down the sand hills as well as wading through the freshwater. The beauty of this surreal landmark is a miracle blessed by Mother Nature for Binh Thuan Province. While hiking with your barefoot, the softness of the powdery sand under your feet and gentle touch of the stream flow will bring you comfort. At the same time, the warmth of the water due to the intense sun of hot weather will refresh you. Again, taking off your shoes in the Fairy Stream is highly recommended!

Happy tourists when walking to Fairy Stream
The journey in the Fairy Stream takes the tourist about one hour long. Since the water never goes above your knees, it’s easy for walking. The moment you reach the end of the trail, a small waterfall will appear as a reward.
If you feel tired, thirsty, or hungry after visiting Fairy Stream Mui Ne, don’t worry as you will find a small restaurant nearby offering many specialties, especially you can drink a kind of fresh coconut milk called “dua 3 nhat”.

How to get to the Fairy Stream?

There are many ways to come to Fairy Stream Mui Ne – this incredible, sensational place is located at no. 64 Huynh Thuc Khang Street. You can take the public bus no. 1 or no. 9 to visit the site, or even rent a motorbike to ride there by yourself. When you reach the main road in Mui Ne, ask the local people about the Fairy Stream and they will guide you to the entrance of the stream with a sign “Suoi Tien”.

/map-fairy stream-mui ne
Fairy Stream map
You don’t have to pay for the entrance as it’s free!


When should you visit the Fairy Stream?

If you don’t want to hustle in the midst of the crowd, then the ideal time to visit Fairy Stream is during the middle of the day on a weekday. Viet Fun Travel suggests you to visit the Fairy Stream during the dry season, around from October to April. If you can’t handle the hot weather, then the summer is the not the best option!

mui ne- viet fun travel
Tourists of Viet Fun Travel in Fairy stream

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Final Words

At first it’s just a small stream in the middle of the sand dunes of Rom Island, but now the Fairy Stream undoubtedly has become an exceptional natural landmark that individuals must visit once coming to Mui Ne, Binh Thuan. Each year, Fairy Stream Mui Ne attracts many foreign and local visitors. Ready to travel? Let’s plan right now!
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