Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh Province

  • Thu, 22/12/2016
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As a well-known pilgrimage site and a top tourist destination, Cao Dai Temple or also called Great Temple of the Holy See in Tay Ninh Province wins an award as a stunning structure with the aesthetic combination of Asian and Western styles. About 100 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, the temple may be easily reached by bus or motorbike. Visiting here, tourists will take a chance to absorb the surrounding peaceful and tranquil atmosphere while enhancing their knowledge about the Cao Dai religion.

The Great Temple was established in 1955. According to Caodaists, all religions on Earth are ultimately the same as well as aim to promote tolerance. The Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Lord Buddha, and even Confucius are all honored at the temple.
On the whole, there are 9 hierarchies of worship. These include a pope, cardinals, archbishops, priests, and so on who make sure to have rituals, festivals and prayer regularly practiced. The temple has a similar design with a Christian Cathedral, which prominently features side aisles and an altar. From the distant view, your eyebrows will also be raised by a high dome decorated with both clouds and saints.

Inside Cao dai Temple
The Divine Eye (representing God) is located above the front portico of Cao Dai Temple that has the Ying & Yang icon in its pupil. In general, ceremonies are daily held with 2 services accompanied by a choir and musicians.

Female tourists will enter the temple through a door at the base from the left side and then roam around the outside of the colonnaded hall as a clockwise direction. Meanwhile, men will enter from the right side and move around the hall as an anticlockwise direction. During the visit, you are able to take pictures, but under the instructions of the priests. There is something you have no permission to photograph, remember!

Don’t forget to remove your hats, coats and shoes before stepping inside the building. Of course, although there is no standard rule of dress, try to wear formal outfits consistent with the religious place (such as trousers or skirts covering the knees). The area in the middle of the sanctuary is reserved for many Cao Dai priests.
10 minutes before the religious ceremony starts, access to the interior of the temple is prohibited. So, make sure that you follow the tour plan as well as visit about 5 - 10 minutes before Mass begins. When the Mass starts, don’t walk around or talk with each other. Silence should be kept during the ceremony. In the sacred area of Cao Dai, there is rarely the appearance of vendors. Thus, it is highly advisable to bring with you water and sun protection.
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