5 Most Instagrammed Places in Vietnam

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Cities bustling with life and shimmering with the charm of beaches, terrains and colonial buildings added to the mix, Vietnam is a gorgeous blend of natural and man-made beauty. Settled comfortably at the borders of the South China Sea, Vietnam brings together lush gardens, dense forests and buildings of the colonial era. It makes this beautiful landscape everything a traveller ever asks for. Add it to that the intriguing blend of Buddhist culture and some Hindu attributions, and Vietnam has more fascinating allures than anywhere else in the world. Vietnam was voted as one of the most Instagrammed places in the world during 2015, so let us take a look at the 5 most Instagrammed places in Vietnam.

My Son Sanctuary

My Son
Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, CC BY 2.0
This ancient, most surprisingly intricate building in the Duy Phu Village is a lovely retreat from the active cities of Vietnam. My Son is distinct in nature as it was home to numerous religious practices pertaining to the Hindu religion at the time, and that was when temples of Lord Shiva were being built in the area with great fervour. My Son is a pretty popular destination for tourists in Vietnam, and as it is situated within pretty thickets and bushes, there’s much to attract potential travellers through pictures on Instagram. The ancient Hindu carvings and intricate details have made My Son an appealing factor of visiting Vietnam, and most tourists love to explore the landscape around the ancient vestige fuelled edifice. It has known to have attracted people from all over the world due to its intriguing history and heritage.

Mekong Delta
Mekong delta
Photo by Kashif Pathan, CC BY-SA 2.0
Vietnam is known for its Delta areas which are decked with pretty floating shops and a boating experience like no other. Bird sanctuaries, sugar cane groves, rice paddies, undersized villages and pretty orchards rule the images on Instagram shared of Vietnam. The trees stretching right up from the roots of the delta make it a very intriguing and mesmerizing sight to behold. The floating markets are especially attractive within the Mekong Delta, and once you’ve got a glimpse of them, you’d probably be booking your ticket to Vietnam for sure.
Photo by Chen Shiang Khoo, CC BY 2.0
The foggy town of Sapa has looming mountains, rich terraces, hill tribes of people with unfathomable charm and a hiking trail that’ll leave you absolutely astounded. Sapa’s people are truly a delight to converse with, and they’re incredibly friendly when people ask them for pictures. If you’ve taken the time to see images of Sapa on Instagram, you’d see the beautiful representation of Vietnamese culture, traditional practices and smiles of the tribespeople capturing a pretty vast space on the social media site.

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi MInh city
Photo by bvi4092, CC BY 2.0
Vietnam’s most popular tourist destination is the bustling, lively city of Ho Chi Minh, which has new delights to be discovered at nearly every turn. Ho Chi Minh has previously served as a capital during the Vietnam war and back then it was known as Saigon. Noisy and entertaining as Ho Chi Minh is, there is a lot to discover while taking a stroll through the decorative streets of this city. Instagram is ruled by the moped-riding individuals of Ho Chi Minh, who look nothing but busy on their daily commute, swinging and swirling out of the traffic.

Hue City
Photo by Paul Arps, CC BY 2.0
Central Vietnam’s Perfume River has a bank that is home to one of the most stunning and tranquil looking Hue, which was once used as Nguyen Dynasty capital during the bygone era. The region still retains its gorgeous backdrop and Buddhist culture that makes it such an interesting sight to see. Instagram makes Hue popular with the images of its famous Citadel, colonial monuments, glorious palaces and streets packed with shops of traditional fabrics and jewellery. The official symbol of the city, Thien Mu Pagoda, is a highly photographic location and most pictures of it are quite interesting for travellers.
These might be the most popular tourist attractions but they’re named such for various reasons, and taking a glance at Instagram pictures just doesn’t do enough justice to this diverse and vibrant land.
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