The Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

  • Tue, 13/12/2016
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Cu Chi Tunnels stands out as the immense interconnecting network of tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City. In the past, the complex served as a hide-out, living quarters and barracks for a number of Vietnamese guerillas during the war. Today, it is proudly listed as one of the most historically important destinations in the South of the country.


Once setting foot in Cu Chi, you should follow a tour guide and make your way to every dark and narrow branch of the tunnels, first built by the Viet Minh soldiers to battle against the French and lately used as a hiding place by the Viet Cong guerillas to launch an onslaught on American forces. Of the 200 kilometers of the underground tunnels, 75 kilometers have been preserved as a war memorial by the citizens.


There are 2 distinctive options for tourists to explore, including Ben Dinh site and Ben Duoc site. While the Ben Duoc site keeps part of the original tunnel system, the Ben Dinh site will impress you with the tunnel reconstructions that give a fun idea of what the tunnels might have been like.

To get the most out of your trip, feel free to wander around the Viet Cong's base of operations, learn more about the interesting history behind the large network’s creation as well as pay a visit to the exhibiting place that displays a wide variety of weapons (i.e. the AK-47, the M16 rifle, and even booby traps). After going for a stroll around the war memorial, you should challenge yourself to crawling inside the tunnels.

booby traps-Cu Chi Tunnels

The best way to avoid getting lost is to follow your guide when exploring inside the complex. Make up your mind with an idea that you cannot avoid weaving through the darkness, heat, oppressive and stuffy feeling. In turn, it will become one of the most unforgettable experiences in your lifetime that helps you appreciate and admire the spirits of Vietnamese in the past. Further, remember to and wear comfortable clothes which are suited to crawling experience. It is not convenient at all if you dress up short skirts or tight outfits during the trip. Carrying water, a hat and a flashlight is also a good idea.

If time permits, don’t hesitate to take a rare opportunity to fire a few real Vietnam War-Era weapons at the shooting range with the cost less than $2 per shoot. The guide will instruct you how to make a shoot, where to look through and where to put your hand on. Or you may simply sample some types of meals that the Viet Cong fighters might have eaten at the command centre. The rate for meals is not too expensive!


After all, Cu Chi Tunnels does amaze lots of travelers worldwide. The network has transformed itself, from a place of enormous pain, bloodshed, stress, and contention to a well-known tourist attraction. To have a memorable and smooth experience, let us become your loyal parent.
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