Fishing Village Mui Ne – A Trip of Peace

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Photographers, beach lovers and travel enthusiasts will find it hard to deny a trip to the fishing village Mui Ne. As its name suggest, the village not only enchants you with its charming natural landscape, but also helps you to broaden your knowledge about the coastal life and how the fishermen spend their living. The most interesting thing is that you are unlimited to enjoy fresh seafood during your holiday in Mui Ne without worrying about the cost. Feel curious and exited now. Let’s trip!


A brief glace at the fishing village Mui Ne

Located on the Huynh Thuc Khang Street, far away from the Mui Ne market about 1 kilometer and from the Mui Ne station about 200 meters, the fishing village leaves a strong impression on tourists with an eye-catching vital from sunrise to sunset. While the beach is not only the perfect place to take a swimming and play with sand, but it is also where the locals go fishing with happy smiles on their faces. They seem to find meaning of life by doing the work they like best.

mui ne sunrise
Fishing Village​ Mui Ne Sunrise
Photographers easily drop their souls on the village’s scenery where the sunset gorgeously overlooks the beach as well as an expansive coastline is beautifully lined with swaying coconut trees and hundreds of colorful fishing boats moored on the water. How peaceful!

Unique experiences during a trip to the fishing village Mui Ne

The obvious experience you can gain while in Mui Ne fishing village is living as a fisherman. You can understand how difficult the locals’ life is when they are almost on beach. But after all, smiles are always kept on their lips because ocean means all to them. Don’t miss a chance to join in the fishing boats and enjoy the brand-new feeling as a fisherman. Let’s see how patient and enthusiastic the locals are to catch fish from dawn to dusk.  If you stay the village one more night, then it is a nice idea to participate in the night-time squid fishing boat to catch squid as well as listening to the sound of the wave. Stay close to nature at best and mingle with the happy feeling of the fishermen when their net are full of alive fish and squids.

muine sunrise
Overview Fishing village
Learn more about the local life in the fishing village Mui Ne by visiting the local house one by one and see how to process dried fish, squid and fish sauce. Don’t forget to support their living by buying their specialties back home. The villagers are friendly and hospitable, and they are ready to help if you need.
Waking up early and going for a stroll along the beach of the fishing village is truly a peaceful experience. You will have a chance to catch the dawn and see the boats gathering after a long night of work. Sometimes, it is so nice to watch innocent children playing around. At that time, all stresses and sadness are vaporized. Sea’s beautiful scenery and gentle locals are the big magnet that keep tourists from leaving.

It seems a big pity to miss fresh seafood, like fish, shrimps, squids, crabs, snails, groupers, etc. here. We recommend you to visit the fishing harbor in the early morning when the fishermen complete their fishing with a number of live seafood. So, don’t forget to buy the seafood right here, instead of in the market, because you can save much money but still enjoy their freshness at best.

When is the best time to make your way to Fishing Village Mui Ne?

The village can be reached all year-round. But the most beautiful moment to visit is in early morning or in late afternoon when you can catch the image of the fishing boats returning from the sea or preparing to cross the sea. It is quite possible to travel to the village by car, motorbike or even bicycle. A leisurely and relaxingly cycling trip in Mui Ne does go beyond expectation and you can combine it with a visit to Mui Ne Sand Dunes and the fish-sauce village.

Mui Ne beautiful coast early morning
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In summary

Catering to the growing number of both local and foreign visitors, there are a number of tour operators in Mui Ne in which a stop to Fishing Village Mui Ne is also included in the itineraries. The village becomes a perfect destination to take shot and accumulate knowledge. It is not only the senses that the trip satisfies, but you also mingle with the local life and share your understanding to the Vietnamese’s valuable characteristics.
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