Mekong Delta or Mui Ne: Which Place can meet your need?

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If you want to have a comfortable escape at weekend away from Saigon, then Mui Ne and areas in Mekong Delta go beyond your expectation. These become perfect destinations for deep relaxation, thanks to the close proximity to Ho Chi Minh City, gorgeous scene, real peace, and fresh air. Believe it or not, most extended southern Vietnam tours include both places into the itineraries for the long-day trips.
The question of whether to visit Mekong Delta or Mui Ne is one with many layers. If you are in stuck with this query, then let’s find out here.

Mekong Delta vs. Mui Ne


#1: Best things to do

Go adventurous with many exciting activities in Mui Ne
As a sleepy fishing village in southern Vietnam, Mui Ne attracts both domestic and international tourists to enjoy their getaway from the buzzing madness of Sai Gon. Though it cannot be compared to the big beach cities like Nha Trang and Da Nang, there is a world of things to do that you find here only.
For certain, although there is no shortage of natural landscapes to see in Mui Ne, sand dunes are the most noticeable attractions here and also the main reasons why tourists flock to the beach city. There are 2 types of sand dunes, namely the Red and White sand dunes. Each sand dune leaves different impression on travelers. White Sand Dunes, about 25 kilometers away from the town’s center, are most idea for quad biking. That means you can rent a quad bike or a jeep, then speed up and down the hill to enjoy strong feeling. Meanwhile, the Red Sand Dunes, very closer to the town’s center, are where you can catch the picturesque gorgeous sunset and try your hand at sand boarding.

white sand dune
White sand dunes
When it comes to Mui Ne, it seems a pity to miss the beaches. In general, most of the seaside hotels here have their own beach. As a result, if you just want to lazily lay out on the beach and see the crowds playing, then step out of your room and go ahead to the sand. Along with swimming and sunbathing, you are also enchanted with kitesurfing – one of the adventurous water sports.
The Fairy Stream and Fishing Village are what make your Mui Ne itinerary more meaningful and wonderful. The Fairy Stream can be accessible on the way to the sand dunes. Simply wading through the water barefoot, you will enjoy a calming experience on the pleasant walk. And don’t forget to head to the Mui Ne fishing village as early as possible so that you can get a better understanding of how the life of fishermen in Vietnam is. Not only that, the sunrise here is also a bonus for beautiful and stunning photos.

fairy stream
Fairy stream

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Keep mind calm and peaceful with the beauty of Mekong Delta
Unlike Mui Ne, the Mekong Delta wins your heart with a special geography which is a vast maze of stilt houses, floating markets, rivers, and rice paddies. The trip to this delta will help you get a glimpse of what life is like in the Vietnamese countryside.
One of the outstanding characteristics of this area is floating market, which is mostly added to any Mekong Delta tour. With boats all bunched and gathered together, Cai Be Floating Market is a must-see sight. Since the river is the lifeblood of these regions, floating markets have become ways of living to those who have made the river banks their home. Especially, long poles are jutting up from most of the boats in which their top will hang a sample of what the boat is selling.  Seeing a pineapple swaying in the top of the pole, for instance, and you will know that the boat is where you can buy sweet juicy pineapple fruits.  How interesting, right?

Cai Be Floating Market
Cai Be Floating Market
Another destination that catches much attention from tourists is Sam Mountain, which is near Chau Doc city. Climbing the mountain brings you an opportunity to not only spread your eyes over the scenic panorama of breathtaking rice fields, beautiful stilt villages and impressive surroundings, but also pass dozens of mystical tombs, shrines, and even a temple.

ben tre
And for us, sampan cruise is the best way to experience how real Mekong Delta. While boarding a small rickety wooden row boat as well as paddling your way through other canals of the vast Mekong tributaries, you will surely come across fruit orchards, flower farms, unique temples, rice paper factories, river restaurants and many other prominent attractions by the water. My Tho and Ben Tre are the great places to do activity.

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#2: Specialties to try

Don’t overlook food while traveling to Mekong Delta and Mui Ne because this is another reason why guests find it hard to say NO with these places’ cuisine.
Belonging to Phan Thiet City, Mui Ne is widely known for its stunning beaches and fishing villages. Hence, the trip to the city will be more fulfilling and complete with enjoying its cuisine, especially seafood specialties, such as:
  • Mai Fish Salad (Cá Mai)
  • Sweet snails
  • Quai Vac cake
  • Lau Tha
  • Street food
sea food mui ne
Sea food Mui Ne - photo Shutterstock

Let’s take a glance at Mekong Delta’s cuisine, and you will be amazed by its simple decoration, but delicious flavor:
  • Nam Vang noodle soup (Hủ tiếu Nam Vang)
  • Fried Elephant Ear Fish (Cá tai tượng chiên xù)
  • Vietnamese Pan Cake (Bánh xèo)
  • Grilled Snakehead fish (Cá lóc nướng trui)
  • Coconut leaf cake (Bánh lá dừa)
Grilled Snakehead fish
So, after that, we hope that you have a better idea of whether to visit Mekong Delta or Mui Ne while arranging the next trip in Vietnam. Although these two wonderful destinations are both worth visiting, not everyone has time to do so. Those looking for rustic ambiance and peaceful vibe, Mekong Delta is the ideal option. However, if you aim to enjoy a more relaxed time, with a few stunning beaches and other natural attractions, then you should opt for Mui Ne.
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