​Xeo Quyt Relic Area: A unique charm of Mekong Delta

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When customizing your trip to Vietnam, make sure the Mekong Delta tour is always on your list. The southern Vietnam has lots of must-see destinations to visit, and of all famous places we’re going to introduce Xeo Quyt Relic Area to our readers here.
Located in Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province, Xeo Quyt Relic is an attractive historical monument and eco-tourism site that has yearly attracted a large number of visitors, both the domestic and foreign. Make a visit to Xeo Quyt and you’ll surely bring home many beautiful, memorable impressions. The forest here is covered with 20 hectares of primitive melaleuca trees and considered as one of the last natural forests left in Mekong Delta.

If you love Dong Thap, then do not ignore Xeo Quyt Relic site – this amazing spot will give you an incredibly cultural, historical, and spiritual experience.

Have a glimpse about this historical monument

Located about 30 kilometers from the center of Cao Lanh City and in both My Hiep and My Long communes, Xeo Quyt Forest (also known as Rung Tram) is a spectacular area with 52 hectares wide. At the first glance, the whole place is a large swamp full of wild grass, soaked reeds, and intertwined canals hidden beneath magnificent arrays of tall, big trees and vines.
What makes Xeo Quyt Relic so special?
Back to the old days, this site was used as a strategic revolution base during the anti-French and US resistance wars (1960-1975). Nowadays, it’s not just a relic area but also a fascinating destination of tourism. For those who are seeking an affordable eco tour, a trip to Xeo Quyt Forest is never a bad idea. As soon as reach the entrance, the stunning natural scenery filled with a fresh green color will surely impress you. If you want to visit the warzone, there are two options for selection:
  1. Walking along the pathway in the ruins (about 1.5 kilometer long) is the first choice if the tourist enjoys the feeling of creeping under the forest canopy.
  2. In case you want to experience the feel of riding along the charming West River, then get on a 3-seater boat which will slowly lead you through small sleeks letting you discover the whole place.
 Xeo Quyt Forest

In general, aside the beauty of nature, the tourist will understand the tough life of Vietnamese soldiers throughout the defending France and America period better once setting foot to Xeo Quyt Site.

Things to explore at Xeo Quyt Ecotourism Resort

When it comes to Dong Thap, Xeo Quyt Relic is one of must-see tourism spots. The total area of Xeo Quyt is about 50 hectares while the field of cajuput covers approximately 20 hectares – all these cajuput trees here have been existed for over 30 years. From 1960 to 1975, Kien Phong province (the former name of Dong Thap) selected this location to be the basement during the Vietnam War.
What to see at the cajuput forest? Viet Fun Travel suggests all the tourists to travel to Xeo Quyt in the flooding season for an opportunity to ride the sampan and witness the unique magnificence of the relic which is hardly seen in sunny days. Weaving among the melaleuca roots, it would be interesting to catch the deep breath of the wet cold air containing the scent of flower and cajuput resin. The peaceful, quiet atmosphere allows you to listen to the sound of birds and nature.

Dong-Thap xeo quyt
With the diversified ecological system, Xeo Quyt is an ideal living environment for more than 170 species of plant – lotus, water lily, mangrove, reed, and so on – and up to 200 species of animal – otter, turtle, Indian python, and much more; some of the animals are listed as the endangered.
As going deeper into Xeo Quyt Relic Area, you will be invited to warzone during the anti-enemy period in the past. This cool space contains the A-shaped bomb shelter, the Z-shaped fighting fortification and L-shaped personal underground hideout, which are intact restored on the ground. Aside from the secret bases, you will continue moving the underground house, the kitchen, the meeting room, the sheds, and the bomb craters. Like other historical monuments, Xeo Quyt also has “deadly grounds” where Vietnamese soldiers designed to place grenades against helicopters and tanks of the enemy.

Find your way to Xeo Quyt Natural Forest

From My Hiep, Viet Fun Travel advises you to hire a boat from the local to reach the miniature of Dong Thap Muoi. The 2-kilometer journey will cost you less or more than 40 minutes depending on the traffic. Additionally, the local guide will inform you the entire tour program during your trip.
With the occasion to this region of Mekong Delta, it’s such a pity if you ignore a chance tasting rustic specialties – the most outstanding dish is definitely rice wrapped in lotus added sesame.
Visit Xeo Quyt Relic Area and gain the most for your traveling experience!
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