Mekong Delta Homestay – A hands-on and interesting experience

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Free souls and travel lovers find hard to say no with homestay experience because this is a way to broaden their horizons and live as the locals during the trips. We think that most of us are familiar with the term “homestay” that tells about the real local life condition with culture experiences.
Actually, a Mekong Delta homestay becomes ideal to make an escape from the bustling life of Sai Gon as well as staying peaceful. Spending one or more nights in the Delta, and you have a chance to mingle with the villagers’ life and learn valuable things about their customs and habits. This type of trip on the Vietnam holiday package is believed to go beyond your both imagination and expectation. Keep reading to know more!



Mekong Delta homestay – What to expect?

Although there are a lot of luxury accommodation options in Mekong, you never get the authentic feel and learn the local culture in a hotel. Homestay services are easily found in many large cities at Mekong regions, such as Vinh long, Can Tho, Ben tre, etc. Your eyebrows will be raised with their rustic charm, highlighted as bamboo interiors, wooden furniture, and cozy ambiance. The homestay facilities are quite basic, in which a spare room includes a hammock or bed while a bathroom often includes buckets and squat toilets that are all clean and well-kept.
Besides, the villagers don’t hesitate to let you try several exciting activities of their daily life, such as planting trees, farming, going fishing, enjoying trade on a Floating Market, and so on. In spite of dirt under your nails, mud on your face and clothes, all is still worth experiencing as you are sharing both joy and hardship with the locals and highly appreciate their endeavor.

mekong homstay fishing
Fishing in Mekong Delta
If you want to enjoy something relaxing and tranquil, make sure not to miss a boat excursion under Tra Su Cajeput Forest, rest in a hammock, taste a cup of authentic honey, or immerse yourself with the smoothing music of Don Ca Tai Tu – a traditional folk music in Southern Vietnam. For many tourists, the best part of the Mekong Delta homestay is to slowly cycle along the navy paths of the eye-catching countryside where they can visit other local workshops or interact with the friendly and hospitable villagers. How peaceful the life is!

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Mekong Delta homestay daytime

After dropping your luggage off in any local house, it is time to explore the Delta by your own. Riding a bicycle or being led by an experienced tour guide is all interesting. While bumping your way through the narrow, tiny, and winding paths, you easily catch the image of the friendly smiles of every man, woman, and even child with a chorus of “HELLO.” Their faces are bright with amazing eyes and bright smiles. For these people, the sight of the foreigners right in their place is really exhilarating. 
Don’t forget to visit some popular workshops in the region. One of our suggests is the coconut workshop at Ben Tre where you can smell the flavor of coconut candies as well as learning how the villagers make candies and handcraft items from coconuts. They will leave you from admiration to admiration by their proficiency, cleverness, and skill in each product.

coconut candy factory
Of course, it is hard to convince others that you travelled to Mekong Delta without experiencing one floating market. And Cai Rang Floating Market, taking about a 30-minute boat ride from Can Tho, is always in the top list. Wonder the reason? It is the busiest and largest floating market in the Mekong Delta, with hundreds of boats gathering on to the river to trade different kinds of products. In general, the market begins in the early morning, so getting here at 5 AM is the ideal time. Wholesale sellers initially purchase huge quantities of goods and stock from tradesmen and farmers. After that, they bring these to the boats and sell for other smaller retailers. The chain of the trading activities then begins. 

Monkey-bridge in Mekong Delta

In addition, you also see many drinking and eating shops right at the boats. If you don’t want to join in the crowds for trading, simply sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the lively vista of the buying and selling on water.


Mekong Delta homestay nighttime

When the darkness covers the region, it is time for dinner. In the evening, guests have an opportunity to prepare a traditional dish with their lovely host. Delicious, tasty and delightful – nothing beats the locals’ cooking. And the list of the Delta specialties is incomplete without the deep-fried elephant-ear fish (Ca Tai Tuong Chien Xu). Crispy outside and tender inside, really exotic and healthy, are what you feel from the dish. And the Mekong Delta homestay allows you to learn cooking skills and recipes from the villagers.
Furthermore, the hosts also generously treat you with many other attractive specialties, like Banh Xeo pancakes, fresh fish, veggies and fruits, etc. All is nicely combined to create memorable meals. Because the locals must wake up early for their business, they can pack themselves off to bed about 8 PM. Of course, they even don’t mind if you still enjoy drinking and chatting all night.


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If lucky, you can stay in the local home surrounded by acres of orchards. Try imagining how wonderful it is to freely enjoy fresh and sweet fruits right from the gardens. During the Mekong Delta tour, the experience becomes meaningful and memorable when you interact with the villagers around and understand more about their lifestyle and culture. For sure, the Mekong Delta homestay is nothing, but to gain an incredible insight into the rural Vietnamese life outside of the big cities. The land is charming, the food is amazing, and the people are endearing. It is difficult to believe, but there is indeed the beautiful world like that out there.
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