Mekong’s Beauty though the Lotus Fields in Thap Muoi

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If you are considering a Mekong Delta tour, then a trip to the lotus fields in Thap Muoi will be a nice idea. This is one of the popular tourist destinations that attracts a large number of tourists all year round. It’s worth knowing that these lotus fields bloom from July to October (in the flood season).

Dong-Thap lotus
What makes it a big magnet is the pure atmosphere and a wide range of gorgeous lotus fields. Try imagining that you are now in the middle of the pond and surrounded by a number of beautiful pink lotuses. At that time, your pressure of life and sadness seem mostly disappeared while enjoying the peaceful and rustic moments.
For that reasons, the Land of Lotuses becomes a perfect choice for a deep escape at weekends. Want to know more? Come here!

Why is your soul totally won by the attraction of Lotuses?

Also called sacred Buddhist flowers, Lotus fields are specially treated by the residents. For them, these wonderful plants become their ways of living as they can use seed pods and roots for sale, while the ponds themselves are a tourist attraction, too.
Thap Muoi’s lotus fields are situated in My Hoa Commune, Thap Muoi District, Dong Thap Province, far away from the center of Cao Lanh City about 39 kilometers. This is a new attraction for both local and foreign visitors, especially during the peak season where they are in full bloom. Amazingly, you can smell the fragrant perfume from the Buddhist flowers in the air while their colorful pink can be easily recognized from the distance.

lotus field
As a saying “Dong Thap is nothing, but lotus,” this is truly a paradise of lotuses. During your trip in the pink Buddhist flower field, your soul is completely immersed into the charming and soothing atmosphere around while the lotuses’ scent, beauty and taste are widely spread over the air.
For certain, there is no better way to enjoy these flowers than making a bamboo boat around the ponds. While slowly floating on the fields, these boat trips allow you to touch the flowers by hands, and even feel their fragrance. It is a big pity to miss an opportunity to experience a day of rowing the bamboo boat by yourself, being a farmer, partaking in the fishing activities in the large area of hectares.

Interesting activities to try in the Lotus fields

Just let your mind and body stay free as the site is set up with simple decoration but remain elegant and intact, bringing you the primitive and rustic feel of nature at the first sight. A highlight of the Thap Muoi’s lotus field tour is enjoying its pure and fresh environment where guests are invited to join in a number of interesting activities like capturing pictures, sailing a boat to pick lotuses or going fishing.
For many tourists, this is a chance to possess glorious and unique photos. With the pink lotuses and green leaves as the idea background, you can easily to express poses and beam with joy. In fact, a boat trip around the immense lotus ponds and taking photos will cost you around VND 300,000 and VND 400,000 for a boat of 5 to 10 people. The pictures will be more special and meaningful by wearing Ao dai or Ao ba ba that you can rent to pose for photos. Not only that, you have also a chance to feast your eyes on the endless rice fields covered by water – a unique feature in the Mekong Delta. Viewing the local daily life is surely a nice idea to be added to your blog experience, right?
Another cool activity is to become farmers for a day during the flood season from August to November. At that time, don’t hesitate to try rowing a boat around by yourself to pick lotus flowers as well as collecting lotus roots and seeds, which are great for making pudding. The residents will guide you how to pick the beautiful and right flowers, making your understanding complete. Also, the experience will be surely more inspirational by going fishing in the middle of the vast lotus fields.

Grilled Loc fish wrapped in green lotus leaf
Last but not least, enjoying numerous local specialties is what you should not ignore during a trip to the lotus fields. Several hard-to-resist dishes are rice field rats, braised fish, grilled Loc fish wrapped in green lotus leaf, sweet lotus soup, hot pot made from fish sauce, and so on. Of course, a special drink, called lotus milk (sua sen), is truly a big impression. Especially made from lotus seeds and milk, the drink helps your body cool down and your brain fresh and brilliant. Make sure to bring home the lotus milk with the price of VND 12,000 per bottle or bee honey with the price of VND 120,000 per bottle.

Lotus seed sweet soup
Lotus seed sweet soup
In brief, along with enjoying the lotus fields in Dong Thap, you can are also freely able to partake in a lot of great activities mentioned above. Slowly spending your time discovering the beauty of this province, and you can feel an in-depth adventure where you find nothing, but flowers, swamps, and old houses, just as a Vietnamese saying about this place:
“The most beautiful thing of Dong Thap Muoi is its lotus,
The most beautiful thing of Vietnam is Uncle Ho’s name.”
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